- Custom Engagement Ring -

1. How to book an appointment for custom engagement ring?   

ANS: Give us a call at (66) 082 111 4818 or email to "verdaandfloren@kpbrilliance.com"  to ask for more information, check availability or make an appointment. 

2. What would be in the Intro to the Creation session?

ANS: Everything from the process of the engagement ring creation, your story and personal style, diamonds and the budget you are comfortable with. 

3. How should I prepare for before coming to the Intro to the Creation Session?

ANS: In the Intro to the Creation session, we will give you all information about diamonds, precious metals and various ring styles.  However, it would be very useful if you did some research on ring style(s) that you like before hand.

4.  What is the standard 3 rounds of Design & Refine?

ANS:  The standard plan for the  Design & Refine will consists of  3 rounds. The first round is design draft (with 3 design options) and the last two rounds are for refining the design chosen and commented by you.  There will be additional charge for any additional round in the Design & Refine.

5. What would be in the Diamond Selection session?

ANS:  Each customer have different preference and different budget for their engagement ring. The diamond requirement usually discussed in the Intro to the Creation.  Verda & Floren diamond specialist will then searching for beautiful quality diamonds for you to choose from.   In this session, Verda & Floren will bring you the diamonds that would potentially be the one for you. The diamond specialist willgive you advice on how to choose the right diamond and answer your questions.

6. What is the cost for a custom engagement ring and what how to pay it? 

ANS: Depending on your choice of diamond, gold weight and design. Customers may inform us your budget or otherwise we will inform you the budget considering the design and the diamond you chose.  

  • On the day of the Intro to the Creation, customer will make deposit of 5,000 baht (this amount will be deducted from the total cost of  the custom engagement ring at the last payment).
  • Next payment is 60% of the budget amount and will be due when the diamond is chosen.
  • Customer will have to pay all of any outstanding balances before pick up the engagement ring.