The most beautiful thing about a custom engagement ring is a chance put your love, identity and memory  into it.  

A custom engagement ring can be a full one of a kinddesign or  a classic design with meaningful details (which sometimes purposely created for the couple's exclusive appreciation).   Verda & Floren will help you design, select the right diamond and craft  your special ring, and make sure your engagement ring creation journey goes as smoothly as possible.  



From the design to your finger, this is how a custom engagement ring is created. 







Custom Engagement Ring Journey

1. Introduction to Creation

(1-1.5 hour of one-on-one consultation with design team and diamond specialist)

2.  Design and Refine (3 rounds*) 

3. Diamond Selection

4.  Crafting Updates (2 rounds of one-on-one update or by e-mail)

5.  Ring Fitting

6. Ring Pick-up